///Who ever came in contact with yoga, got lost in a yoga class or practiced yoga, has heard of the so called sun salutation. At first you think it’s probably a creative dance to bring the sun to light. To salute the sun is in many cultures a sign of fertility and health, as the sun brings us and the nature to life. In yoga sun salutation is a series of Asanas – postures – to warm up and activate the body, making the muscles supple, open the joints, stimulate the nerve pathways and thus perfectly prepares the body and mind for any sporting activity. In addition, the body, mind, soul and breath be reconciled. Sounds perfect doesn´t it?

To practice the Sun Salutation or Surya Namaskar in the morning, after getting three times the right and left, is a wonderful start to your day.
There are up to 25 different variations of the Sun Salutation and I will present you my personal favorites, which is equally suitable for beginners and advanced.

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– Strengthens the muscles
– Activates tissue to support the Lymphs
– Increases blood pressure and prepares the body for the asana practice
– Improves muscle imbalances and asymmetries
– Increases the tidal volume of inhalation and exhalation
– Opens and stretches the Nadis – Energy Pathways in the body – and lets the Prana – our life energy – flowing

Yours Sinah

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