Portugal. Gelfa. 02.09.-07.09.2016.

@ Goodtimes Surfcamp with Sinah Diepold.

A group of passionate sport girls comes together in Portugal to spend unforgettable days in the sun next to the beach. Once all the girls arrived and moved into their rooms, they sit together for a lovely welcoming lunch. All Meals are prepared with love and of course healthy, but also varied to adapt sporting burden.


The girls have a variety of reasons for this yoga journey, but all of them are looking for more balance and peace in their lives. Therefore Yoga Teacher Sinah is going to strengthen their skills in yoga, meditation and breathing exercises . A mix of vinyasa flow , armbalances and relaxing asanas are to be deepened and practiced in ten different yoga units over the next six days.

The experience begins for the small group of yogis with a sunrise meditation on the beach. The girls meet up in the Yoga room and start to silently go to the beach together: today everybody will come to terms with their past . A ritual to start with a free mind into this journey. Following this the girls packed together their yoga mat , blanket , blocks and belts to start with their daily round of Vinyasa on the wooden deck by the water. They enjoy a cool breeze blowing during this first session. Slowly the sun is rising higher and shining on the practicing circle. Today´s focus is on rotations and twists to detoxicate and relax the body.

After a sumptuous breakfast buffet and a sunbath at the beach, the girls start with a second yoga session for that day. The yoga practice begins with a round of breathing exercises to bring the body into harmony for the following exercises. Those courses offer a good mix of Asana, Pranayama, small wisdoms of Paulo Coelho and meditation to be able to closely internalize all the benefits of yoga in a small exclusive group.

After that second round of Yoga everybody comes together for a tasteful dinner in the beautiful evening sun. The campfire in the evening is free to join and the best way to end that stunning day in beautiful Portugal, as the next day will start with Yoga again.///