A weekend packed with yoga, SUP and great food in scenic Switzerland overseeing the peaks of Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau.

Based in the cosy Swisshut with delicious and healthy breakfast, the participants started off with an early morning yoga session. The Hareem Pant and super.natural Yoga tops were warmly welcome, as they perfectly match style, comfort and functionality. For some it felt a bit chilly in the morning breeze, but the thin merino shirts kept them well-temperatured. Some couldn’t even resist wearing their Base Layers during the afternoon SUP tour on lake Thun. The natural UV protection of merino wool certainly accounted for less sunburn on the shoulders. Even after an involuntary dip in the water the shirts were dry in no time and ready for the next yoga session. If that sounds like something you want dive in, get the right equipment and check for the upcoming Ladies Summer Outdoormind Weekend.

Inspired by nature, enhanced by design

Photo credits: outdoormind.de///