Merino wool can absorb up to a third of its own weight in moisture, while polyester speeds up the removal of the moisture from the material. This combination offers you optimal comfort – with no trace of dampness.
The innovative combination of fibres can withstand a regular wash up to 40°C – no need to put on a separate wool wash. Our merino mix is incredible easy to care for.
The stabilising effect of the synthetic fibres means you can also put super.natural products in the dryer.
The fibre mix combines the natural elasticity of merino wool with the durability of polyester, enabling a uniquely stable shape and impressive longevity.
The tightly-knit connection between the materials creates an extremely soft surface that doesn’t scratch and offers incredible natural comfort.
The antibacterial effect of the enzyme keratin, which is a natural component of merino wool, prevents unpleasant odors from developing – even after profuse sweating or wearing the product multiple times.
Merino wool regulates temperature: it cools you down in hot temperatures and during increased activity and warms you up in cold weather or when you take a break.