///A large black cloud just landed above our head as we reached the end of a random dirt road deep into the forest. A couple of drops started to fall, shortly transformed into heavy rainfalls, forcing us to pack all the gears and find shelter under a pine tree. Welcome to Azores Islands – this archipelago in the middle of the Atlantic ocean where rain and sun play hide and seek all day long.

As part of our «Great Lost Places» project – which consists of documenting and filming some incredible places no one hears of – we’ve just come back from a week in Sao Miguel and Terceira, two of the main Azores islands. With incredible images in mind, it’s now time to transform it into a short film which we hope will do justice to this place.


We rise from nature

One of the striking aspect of this destination is to see how nature imposes itself and reminds us of its strength. From impenetrable forest with fern plants growing up to 5 meters to seaside shaped by volcanic eruption and melted lava, most places results from thousands of years of natural processes.

Larger than life

To travellers, it offers unprecedented landscapes and such a diversity of places, colors and experiences. Despite being rather small islands (Sao Miguel is barely 60 km long), Azores have this «larger than life» feeling, when you find yourself so small in front of what the nature has created. With good possibilities for outdoor activities like canyoning, sea kayaking or mountain biking/trail running, it gives an unprecedented playground – a unique place not far from mainland Europe yet barely possible to imagine at its full scale.